Bible Doctrines Study

A Study of Biblical Teachings for the Layperson

bible_and_Notes_Fundamentalism.jpgThe greatest benefit for man is to know God through a saving faith in Jesus Christ. But salvation is ony the beginning to a great relationship with God. Those who study God's Word find that there is no equal to its wisdom, teachings and guidance in living life to its fullest.

Our teacher Dr. Innes says that to teach something simply one must understand that teaching profoundly. Dr. Innes has a profound understanding of these doctrines and teaches each session clearly and consicely. Understanding these doctrines brings us into a much closer realtionship with our Creator and Lord, giving life clearer purpose and providing joy in every circumstance.

The audio files, outlines in the form of pdf and video links are provided below.

Enjoy and grow!


Vimeo Video

PDF Outlines (Coming soon)