Church-Wide Ministries

Christian Life Conference

One of the main responsibilities of the church is that of “equipping the saints for the work of their ministry.”  An enlarged capacity to know, love and serve God is a core concern in the growth and development of our people.  A highlight of the ministries of Hamilton Square is the Christian Life Conference held each year during the month of August. 

Each year our congregation is privileged to sit at the feet of an outstanding pastor or Christian leader for sixteen hours over three days, concentrating on an area of personal growth, development and training which runs from Thursday evening through Sunday evening.  The lives of our people have been greatly enhanced and enriched through these conferences.

evangelistic services

Each year during Easter week the people of Hamilton Square are engaged in a special evangelistic outreach endeavor.  Eight days of evangelistic services begin on Palm Sunday and run through Easter Sunday.  Some of the nation's finest evangelists have ministered to us in these meetings and serve as another highlight of the year.

round-robin missionary conference

World-wide evangelism and the planting of new local New Testament churches around the globe is one of the chief emphasis in our ministry at Hamilton Square.  The first week in November our church, along with two or three others, bring in missionaries to maintain a healthy, consistent and ongoing concern for the work of the gospel outside of our community.