Serve in the West

The West is a wide open mission field ready for harvest.

The West needs people who have a passion for ministry.

California is a beautiful state with vast opportunities for the Gospel and ways to use your spiritual gifts in local churches and the surrounding communities.  Did you know that 12% - more than 1 out of 10 people in the United States lives in California? And yet, we have many cities with no local independent Baptist churches! 

Missions-minded people should consider ministering in San Francisco and the Bay area. The world is coming to work in Silicon Valley and to attend multitudes of colleges and institutes of higher education in our area. Consider serving a small congregation as a bi-vocational pastor or serving alongside a pastor as a layman or laywoman.

Our church has an extensive listing of pastors and churches in our state.  Contact Pastor Dan Pelletier if you are interested in learning more information about churches in the West. We need another generation of believers to come and impact this important state which has a huge impact on the direction of our nation.



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