Discipleship Resources for New and Growing Believers

Find help for your walk with God.

Discipleship Training

Our Discipleship Training Course is a one-on-one study series. We can introduce you to a mentor. Together you will go through various Bible lessons and report progress to the Pastor. A certificate of completion and a special lapel pin are awarded to those who finish this course.

Printed copies of each lesson is available in printed form at church.  

Here they are made available online your to download for your benefit.

Freedom that Lasts

Our church is chartered with FREEDOM THAT LASTS® - an intensive discipleship ministry developed by Dr. Jim Berg to help people to overcome life-dominating sins and addictions.  This program is committed to helping people overcome substance addictions and other life-dominating sins and bad habits. Learn more about Freedom That Lasts by going to their website or by looking at our Ministries page.  

Local dates and times of meetings are available in this brochure.

Sermons Series

Listen to these sermons on topics that help you in your walk with God.

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