Children's Ministries

sunday school

The Sunday School ministry at Hamilton Square is offered to children of all ages; from toddlers to senior high, and is designed to establish children in the faith by effectively teaching them the truths of God’s Word.

Each week, children are introduced to historical events recorded in the Bible. These are used to point out and correct the thinking and actions that God calls sin, and to instruct the children to live their lives in ways that please God. Weekly lessons through verbal instruction, visual aids, singing, and crafts for the younger ages are conducted by knowledgeable and experienced teachers in an age-appropriate environment.

Sunday School is also a place where we introduce children and young people to the gospel of Jesus Christ with the goal of leading them to a settled assurance of their own personal salvation and relationship with God. Each student is sent home with a take-home paper full of fun activities and a story to which the children can relate for application.

Children love Sunday School - yours will, too!

children's church

The day doesn't end with Sunday School. Following the Sunday School hour, Hamilton Square offers its children a time of worship especially suited just for them. During the adult worship service at 10:50 a.m. children ages four through six gather for Beginner's Church while Second through Sixth graders gather together for Junior Church.

Beginners join the Juniors at the beginning of the service for singing and offering time. The two groups split up the remainder of the time for a more age-appropriate time of worship. The Beginners are taught a lesson, create a craft and munch on snacks. The Junior class includes a sermon, scripture memorization, a challenge from Scripture and a time of prayer.

Children's church gives children the opportunity to understand what worship is and why we worship in the way we do.  We explain clearly the Lord's Supper, Baptism, the singing of hymns, corporate Bible reading and taking up the offering. When the children "graduate" into the adult worship service, they know Whom they worship and the significance of each portion of the worship service.

Children's Annual Events

  • FIVE DAY BIBLE CAMP (our version of Vacation Bible School)
    This is the biggest week of the summer for children going into grades kindergarten thru 6th.  Five Day Bible Camp includes crafts, Bible lessons, games and competitions, singing, food, and so much more! This Bible camp is a 5-day blitz of non-stop action and excitement for children.  Everybody loves Five Day Bible Camp! 

    The Summer Tutorial ministry is meant to help children get a head start for the next school year or catch up from the last year.  Either way, children in Kindergarten thru 8th grade are welcome to be a part of this program.

    Camps at Wolf Mountain are for juniors and teens who will come to love a week in the great outdoors, sharing a cabin with others their age, and exploring God's Word together. Competitions galore, along with all the "camping activities" one would expect make this week a memorable one and will have your kids pining for camp the following year at Wolf Mountain.
    Check out the Wolf Mountain website here.