Summer Tutorial Day Camp

Thank you for considering Summer Tutorial Day Camp at Hamilton Square Baptist Church!

We look forward to meeting you, answering any questions you may have, and discussing your concerns. Read on for more information!


What is Summer Tutorial Day Camp?

What are the dates and times?

What is the cost?


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Summer Tutorial Day Camp is a program designed to help students, grades 1st through 8th, improve their academic skills and prepare for the next school year. Students will review and learn basic concepts in English, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Math through a variety of activities and games, in a classroom setting, as well as individualized tutor time. Experienced and caring teachers will monitor and assess student learning.




The first day of instruction for the Summer Tutorial Day Camp officially begins June 5, 2023.

Most public and private schools in the area are finished the week before. 

Please have your child registered with the Summer Tutorial, along with the paid registration fee of $100, by Sunday, June 4, 2023. Please note that late registration is an additional $40. 

The program ends Friday, Aug 4, 2023.

Each day will begin with a Bible and History lesson from 9 AM -10 AM. Individual tutoring times will be scheduled upon registration.



We are excited to offer a very competitive price structure for the amount of instruction and care your child will receive for this eight-week program!

Please be aware that the week of July 24-28 is free when we conduct our church's Five Day Bible Camp program. Afternoon sessions for students will still be in place for tutorial purposes.

(You may  opt your child out of the program for these special weeks of Bible lessons, crafts and games, but because we do not charge for this week, no refund will be returned to the parents.)

Tutoring- $140/week for 7 weeks = $900. That comes to only $25/day!

. . . and we provide you with $10 off your full tuition amount for each additional child.

The $100 registration fee is due at time of enrollment. The balance is due by the first day of class on June 5, 2023.



To enroll your child/children into the Summer Tutorial Day Camp, please click HERE to view and print the brochure which includes the enrollment form. If you need one sent to you, email us at office@hamiltonsquare.org and give us your name and address and we will get a brochure out to you promptly. 

Please fill the form out completely and mail, along with the registration fee of $100 (check or money order), to:

Hamilton Square Baptist Church
c/o Summer Tutorial Day Camp
Po Box 641620
San Francisco, CA 94164

We will inform you that we have received your registration and at that time address any questions with you that we may have concerning your child's needs.

Click HERE for brochure.

Note: The directors of Summer Tutorial Day Camp reserves the right to deny applicants admission to this program and to expel any student with behavioral problems at any time. Tuition fees will be refunded at a prorated amount.