First Time Visitors



At Hamilton Square our services are designed to engage and meet the needs of our members and guests.

• When you enter the front doors, you will be met by greeters and ushers who stand ready to assist you with any questions you may have or directions you may need.

• You can expect a well-staffed, safe and clean nursery.

• You can expect preaching that is Biblical in its content and practical in its application.

• You can expect music that is conservative and uplifting.

• You can expect to meet people who are not perfect, but seeking to grow in Christ.



There is limited street parking. On Sundays, there is parking at the California Pacific Medical Center Parking Garage located directly across Franklin Street from church. It is available on Sundays for $38 a day as of June 2023. The parking is accessed from an entrance on Post Street between Franklin and Van Ness. There is no parking on Franklin St. until after 7 PM on weekday nights.


Questions? Call 415-673-8586 or email us.


We look forward to meeting you!