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A Philosophy of Biblical Fundamentalism

Dr. David Innes has developed an extraordinary understanding and exceptional insight into the matter of Biblical fundamentalism.

Many people have misconceptions regarding Fundamentalism.

The term "Fundamentalist" has been hijacked by some who focus on a set of man-made rules.  Some consider it to be followers of a certain school or denomination.  But, true Biblical Fundamentalism is not just keeping a set of rules for orthodoxy. Those of us who are unashamedly fundamentalists understand that it is basically knowing what God has said in His Word and doing it.  It is a fine balance between God's commands for Love and Unity and His demands for Separation from Sin.

Through his in-depth study, practical experience as a leader in Bible-believing circles, and over forty-five years of teaching both at home and abroad on the subject, Dr. David Innes has developed an extraordinary understanding and exceptional insight on the matter of Biblical fundamentalism.

His "What is a Fundamentalist?" sermons, outlines, and charts deal comprehensively with the many facets and implications of the issues faced by Bible believers today. Both the audio messages and the written materials that accompany them are available on this website.  You should find this material to be very practical and helpful, as it will answer many of your questions and clarify many issues in your thinking.


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